7 things to do after Installing Ubuntu 11.10

Tutorial of seven things to do after Installing Ubuntu 11.10

0:05 Change Update Server
Lets you get some faster downloads

0:25 Run System Update

0:40 Install Proprietary Drivers
e.g. nVidia / AMD ATI Graphics Card, Wireless network, etc

1:15 Install Proprietary Codecs
Play Adobe Flash, MP3 Audio, MP4 Video

1:31 Install Security Apps
No need for Anti Virus, but its still worth having a Firewall - e.g. Firestarter
To fix bug about Error Opening System Log - Open terminal and type
sudo gedit /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf 
Remove hash comments as shown in video at 2:43

3:15 Keyboard Shortcuts
Remap Ctrl+Alt+Del to open System Monitor

4:41 Setup Ubuntu One Cloud Storage
Gives you 5Gb of online storage for free. Great for getting same configuration between different computers

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