How to unlock a folder or file locked by softwares like Folder Locker, Folder Access, PC locker, PC security?

There are numerous softwares tools found in internet which have ability to lock a file or folder, so as to secure important and secret files. Few examples are Folder Access, Folder Locker, PC locker, etc.
Some of these softwares protect files by encrypting it. Also file format and extension of file is changed to different format, which will be recognizable by that software only. Whenever the file is double clicked, the software prompts for the password. But the fear is that if, in case, one forgets the password, it becomes nearly impossible to unlock the folder.
 Also, there are softwares which run a service in background. The services access the folder or file, thus issuing a shared lock. The locked folder usually shows as of 0 byte. Also, if anyone tries to copy, cut or delete the folder, then a message showing "The file is being used by some other process" is displayed.

There are lot of chances that a file locked by these tools to be opened by unauthorized persons which do not have password. Also, it is likely that you forget the password after locking a folder. Some software tools also provide facility to lock each file (folder) with separate passwords. With my personal experience, I provide here suggestions to unlock file (folder) locked by these tools.
  1. The easiest way would be to prevent the software from starting. Remove the software from startup applications. Just go to Run, type msconfig, select startup tab and uncheck the most likely software service, click ok and restart the machine. After restarting, try opening the locked folder (file). It would probably open.
  2. The software service can also be stopped from Task Manager. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and go to process and end the most like software services. Now, try opening the locked file (folder).
  3. If your computer is in network and some other computer has access to your computer, then go to that computer. Simply, try opening the folder. It would probably open because the locking software service may not be running that computer.
  4. Boot the computer in safe mode and try opening folder. In safe mode, several unneeded services (as well as virus) are not run, so there are chances that a locked folder could open.
  5. Try to rename the locked folder or file in DOS mode or command prompt. Use simple name to rename and try opening the file (folder) from explorer, it would probably open.
  6. Search Internet for applications that will crack the password of these locking software tools or that will decrypt locked folders or files.