How to recover your pendrive.

Did your pendrive show you of 0mb size? when you try to open your pendrive did it ask you to format it first? This is pretty frustrating having your important documents in pendrive and your pendrive crashes in this very right fckn moment. But you don't need to worry because i've got one pretty helpful solution ;) in just about 5/6mins you'll recover your pendrive bt unfortunately i cannot save your data in it sorry for that. Before letting you know about how to recover your pendrive i kindly suggest every user to remove your pendrive safely before ejecting it out because this will help you eradicate such frustrating situation in life.

After an hour of research for finding the solution of these kind of problems i found one tool called Super Stick Recovery Tool which is of version . So just download this tool Super Stick Recovery Tool V it's a zipped rar file extract it and run it and after it displays a GUI and it detects your pendrive then just press UPDATE. P.S DONT REMOVE YOUR PENDRIVE WHILE INSTALLING because this might permanently damage your pendrive and later dont blame me :P . So after the installation is complete just remove your pendrive and insert it again there you'll see your pendrive back but cant get files back but atleast we dont have to buy a new one :) just try it. it sure helps :))