aadrive32.exe is A HEADACHE :@

exe name:aadrive32.exe
Program name: Microsoft Driver Setup
Size: 59529

Dear readers, if you are using internet then check out your task manager in process this file aadrive32.exe might be running several times this particular virus slows down your computer and makes you feel like your using one of those pentium I,II. If you are wondering how to remove aadrive32.exe, For a temporary removal i've located this virus at
but you can only see this when you click Tools on horizontal bar at the top
  1. Click tool on the horizontal bar
  2. Select View.
  3. And under the Hidden Files and Folders 
  4. Check Show hidden files and uncheck all the three buttons below it and Click OK
This will help you find aadrive32.exe once you find it delete it but this wont do when next reboot is done. once you turn again your computer it again shows up and sucks your brains and frustration can be seen on your face, i was also the victim. This damn virus also attracts some other worms like pushbot.gen, acleaner.exe, ircbrute e.t.c
Hope the Cure comes up soon and antivirus will help us out and put us out from our misery ;)