Broadcast music from your ALCATEL mobile handset

If you want your phone to play the songs that the other phone is playing then its possible and simple with the phone called ALCATEL.
I was using my ALCATEL OT-710 n was playing music on it then i saw one feature called broadcast then when i selected it and set the frequency i didn't hear the sound and i was a bit confused so i thought is it working as a radio????? so my inquisitive head thought to bring my other mobile set and i plugged in an ear piece and set the same frequency to my surprise it played the same song that i was playing on my ALCATEL OT-710. Then i thought of the range of the transmission and then i increased the distance between these two cells and to my surprise it would catch the signal up to 24ft, which is quite enough for a single room to play same music out loud from a same station ;) . This was some experience with my gadget if you wanna do the same and play the same song then just try out some steps which I'll list below in order.
  1. click your Menu and select Music
  2. Then play any song of your choice
  3. From your music player click Menu Again
  4. Select Broadcast
  5. Power on the Broadcast and set Frequency and Click OK
  6. Now just tune in with same frequency from any other cell phone under Radio option
  7. You can hear the music that ALCATEL is broadcasting
This really works guys just give it a try once. :)